President's Letter

Prestige at first.. This is our motto for our existence in life. We placed this motto not only in our  lives but also in the centre of our business relations through the years. We already knew that work is the reflection of character as a common known proverb. So, we had to start from the expression of prestige. It took us longer path to go through but on a stronger basis.

We took the risks to loose something physically but gain something lasting more than that. And our clients always responded at the end for the reason that we served for the purpose of prestige. The prestige that holds trust, the innovation capability, the experience and informative partnership and the power of amateur dynamism. We were always one step forward when compared with our equivalents.

Within the last 5 years, we diversified our profession to emerge in the local market more effectively. On the other hand, we were acting as the physical executors of many works abroad. Thus we could see wider and longer distance, both in the aspect of vision and client relations.

We brought know how to our clients in addition to all cost effective solutions. This way the trust was built. Trust that they were ensured for the accomplished works let them invite us for various projects.

Each and every project is a different journey for us. We write down different stories and expectations for each journey. So, we dreamed again and again on behalf of our clients. They were the witness of our good wills. So, this brought us prestige.

At this stage of our life, we are starting a new era to collect what we have seeded long before. We are ready for the new visions, new things to learn, new projects to build, new ways to design and a better future.


We welcome our clients in the way acting as their solution partner to ensure the quality, time and cost. We walk on the path we have designed, for a long term and sustainable partnership. And we get our courage from our experience and personnel who took us on shoulders through this long way until now.


Yavuz Serdar Güney (Civil Engineer MSc.)




Yavuz Serdar GÜNEY

Incorporator of Istanbul Group and YSG Construction Yavuz Serdar GUNEY, was born in 1978 Istanbul. Entered to Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Civil Engineering with 8th degree after Kadıkoy Anatolia High School and finished ITU with honours degree. Mr. GUNEY got masters education in Bogazici University with high honours degree in Steel Constructions. After several years abroad, he founded İstanbul Group in 2007. Guney has excellent command of English, German and Russian languages.


Kenan Pamuk, our executive manager, was born on 03.03.1960 and graduated from structural engineering department in 1983. He has well experience in infrastructure works such as roadway structures, pipeline construction, underground works of superstructures, retaining walls and prestressing & post tensioning works in various parts of the world.

He has served to different contracting companies located in Russian Federation, CIS countries, Africa and Arabic peninsula.

He has been working with YSG since 2015. Mr. Kenan Pamuk, has medium command of English.

Ali Sedat Özkazanç

Ali Sedat Özkazanç was born on 10.05.1961 and graduated from ITU Civil Engineering in 1983. After, worked at Newcastle Uni. Hotel Management. He also completed high school education. Worked as a project manager at many ambitious projects both at home and abroad, as well as hotel constructions and hotel investment researches for large groups. She speaks Advanced English and German.


Yasemin Güçbilek, born on January 31 1985, in İstanbul. Has graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Architectural Department right after Kabataş Erkek Lisesi.

Ms. Güçbilek is specialized on real estate development, urban recreation and architectural design. She acts for business development, design and bid issues on behalf of YSG.

Yasemin Güçbilek, fluently speaks English and Italian.


Umut Güngör, right after graduation from İstanbul Technical University, started his career in one of the most prestigious design firms of Turkey. He has been involved in the design stage of various types of superstructures and infrastructures such as bridges, culverts, dam structures.

He has improved his profession by adding feasibility and cost studies with innovative solutions in addition to design since 2006.

Umut Güngör actively works with YSG since 2016, holding the responsibility of design, preliminary bid studies as manager.

Umut Güngör has medium level of English skill.